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Family Treasure

Mostafa Borham was born in Cairo, Egypt.
He grew up in a family that has been in the photography field for decades.

His grandfather was a professional photographer!
His studio in the heart of downtown Cairo was one of the best and most known studios!
It was called “EL MESAWARATY”!
His father took his grandfather’s path as well.
He helped his son to take his first shot when Mostafa was only a young teenager.
This was the first time Mostafa fell in love with photography and considered “EL MESAWARATY” his family’s brand and since then, capturing and sketching memories has been his passion.

Mostafa Borham Work

Photography is my passion- Mostafa says!
He has never considered it a career only!
Mostafa always loves to capture the most precious moments through his lens.
The simplicity, the elegance and the moments that can’t be missed are found in that one moment of time to be captured and reserved forever!


Here is some more info about Mostafa Borham!
He’s been doing this job for more than eight years now and find it incredibly rewarding.
He gets to photograph people at the happiest moments of their lives.
While photography is his priority, he is always there as a reassuring presence, who has seen all the little last-minute snags and may very well have a solution.
All in all, Mostafa loves his job and he is really privileged to be known as one of the best photographers in Egypt and the personal photographer of Superstar Hakim.

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